Entertainment in Medieval Times

People in the Middle Ages dealt with a lot of issues in their daily life. Often considered as one of the bleak periods in history, especially for peasants, the social hierarchy greatly dictated the lifestyle of the common people. The era also saw the powerful rule of some brave kings of the Medieval Era. While beautiful castles of these rulers dominated the landscape, the life of the lower hierarchy was phenomenally different.Despite the tough life led by the common folk, there was no dearth of entertainment as this was one way they forgot their battles, monotony and sufferings. Entertainment came in various forms. While kings and queens enjoyed getting entertained in royal courtyards, the common people gathered together during these grand occasions to witness the live performances of various arts. Sports, music, plays, dance and games were some of the common entertainment mediums. Special entertainers were invited as central attraction during these plays or shows.The royal courts during the Middle Ages encouraged several artistic talents. Singers, musicians, storytellers and poets had the power of engaging audiences for hours together with their spectacular performances. Minstrels who traveled from one part of the world to the other conducted these entertainment shows at the royal courts. Dancing was also quite popular during the medieval era. Kings engaged jugglers and jesters for entertainment.The Middle Ages also saw the emergence of various performing arts. Poets and musicians composed love songs in order to keep the masses entertained. Some of the compositions were based on historical events also. Different light hearted programs were also organized for different social classes and age groups. Plays and dramas based on religious themes also entertained the masses of the medieval times.Both lower and upper class people in the society loved indoor and outdoor games. Among the indoor games, alquerque, chess and knucklebones were popular. Archery, wrestling, skittles and horseshoes were some of the popular outdoor games. Sword play and riding on the horseback were some rugged sports that men enjoyed. Tournaments were conducted to attract spectators together at a single venue. Right from peasants to the filthy rich strata of the society, everyone enjoyed their share of fun they deserved.Festive events and occasions were celebrated in the church area. Hymns and songs were sung by priests and feasts were held time and again where people enjoyed different food varieties. Though medieval age is also called the Dark Age in history, these entertainment forms are a true witness to the fact that life was not as dark as it was considered to be after all!